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Coordinated School Health



The Mansfield School District has committed to become a Coordinated School Health District.  In order to earn this designation, the District will facilitate the coordination of multiple programs and providers with the goal of ensuring that our children are healthy and ready to learn.  While we understand that the District cannot by itself address the health and social problems of our community, we hope to provide the critical link that will allow families, religious and community organizations, health care providers, educators and students to work together toward greater health.


The 8 Components of Coordinated School Health

1. Physical Education

2. Health Education

3. Health Services

4. Counseling, Psychological and Social Services


5. Healthy School Environment

6. Health Promotion for Faculty and Staff

7. Parent and Community Involvement

8. Nutrition and Food Services

Physical Education

Physical education is imperative to helping students develop and maintain an active, healthy lifestyle.  Through programs like Fuel Up to Play 60, students are spending more time than ever in vigorous physical activity.  At the Mansfield School District, all students in grades K-8 are scheduled for 60 minutes of physical activity every school day. 

An after-school running club for students in grades K-6 has been developed through grant funding from the Road Runners Club of America.  There are also a wide variety of athletic and extra curricular activities offered to help students get moving!  Intramurals will soon be starting at the high school and middle school campuses.

The Mansfield School District has qualified and highly trained teachers who implement a planned sequence of physical education following the Arkansas Department of Education guidelines.  Students learn games, physical fitness, team sports, individual sports, and basic movement skills.  Through these activities, students develop cognitively, socially, mentally, physically and emotionally.  Students become empowered with skills and activities that promote an active lifestyle.




Health Education

Health Education is taught by trained and qualified teachers as a sequential curriculum at all grade levels.  Students learn about physical, emotional, social and mental health through a variety of age-appropriate topics.  The curriculum motivates students to maintain and improve their health and educates students about disease prevention and the reduction of health-related risk behaviors.

Health teachers at Mansfield invite engaging guest speakers from all demographics to engage the students in discussion and provide information about real life issues.  The District also hosts an annual health fair to promote student and community health awareness.



For more information about specific curriculum, please select the appropriate link:

Coach Howell

Coach Frye

Health Education Links

Arkansas Curriculum Frameworks for grades K-8

Arkansas Curriculum Frameworks for grades 9-12

American Association for Health Education


Health Services

In recognition of the health care provider shortage that exists within our school district boundaries, the Mansfield School District has partnered with Mercy Clinic, Dr. Cody Friddle, Dr. Adam Schluterman and Vista Mental Health to open a school-based health center.  This center is one of only a few such centers in the state of Arkansas.  A federal grant was used to create this center, located on the elementary campus at the corner of Center and N Walnut Avenue.  The 9100 square foot building is dedicated to providing for our students, staff and community.

Providers operate their own clinics in cooperation with the school.  The center is open to the community.  Students who are in need of services first consult with the school nurse.  With parent permission, the student is taken to the clinic during the school day.  This eliminates transportation barriers and the need for parents to take a day off from work.  Students can receive well-child visits as well, increasing the number of children in our community who receive preventative care.  The physical health of students has a direct impact on their academic performance.  Preventative care is vital to ensuring that our students maintain good health and that community health is improved.  For more information and enrollment forms, check the link for the Mansfield Wellness Center on our District homepage.



Counseling, Psychological and Social Services

Counseling, psychological and social services are provided by the District to improve the mental, emotional and social health of students and their families.  Services include counseling classes at the elementary level, interventions, referrals, individual and group therapy.  Services are provided both by licensed school counselors and through Valley Behavioral Health Services, our partner in mental health care. 

With the opening of the Mansfield Wellness Center, Valley has an on-campus suite to better service students and their families.  They have a discrete area to provide family and community mental health services.  They will also continue to see students throughout the District.




Healthy School Environment

Students perform better academically when they are comfortable with the physical and aesthetic surroundings and the psychosocial climate and culture of the school.  Every aspect of our physical environment from the paint on the walls to the cleanliness of the hallway, from the culture of respect to the temperature of the rooms impacts the way we function.  At Mansfield School District, much care goes into the preparation and maintenance of the school.  School administrators and staff work to make sure the students are physically and emotionally safe.




Health Promotion for Faculty and Staff

The Mansfield School District recognizes the importance of providing opportunities for faculty and staff to monitor and improve their health status.  These opportunities reduce the risk of developing disabling diseases and improve the overall quality of life of the individual.  In the workplace, these opportunities have been shown to increase morale, build relationships and increase job satisfaction for employees.  The pursuit of a healthy lifestyle leads to increased productivity, decreased absenteeism and reduced insurance costs for staff while providing positive role models for students.

The faculty wellness program is called Tiger Tracks.  More information can be found under the Staff Wellness section of the homepage.  During the 2013-2014 school year, the focus is on taking good care of yourself and setting challenging, yet attainable goals.


Parent and Community Involvement

It takes cooperation of schools, families, students and community partners in order to effectively influence the health and well-being of students.  Through involvement on wellness committees, advisory committees, fundraising, and volunteerism, families and community partners help shape policies and procedures and contribute to school programs.  We welcome input from students, families and other interested individuals and encourage you to contact administrators or parent involvement  liaisons to let us know where you would like to serve.

The Mansfield School District continually seeks opportunities to partner with community groups and to give back to our community.  The Mansfield Wellness Center will be open to the community and will increase health care opportunities in the surrounding areas.  The District also provides opportunities for community groups and individuals to use other school facilities. 


Nutrition and Food Services

During the school day, the Mansfield School District ensures that students have access to a variety of nutritious and appealing meals that meet new state mandates for school lunch programs.  In addition to hot meals prepared and served at breakfast and lunch on all three campuses, each campus also participates in a Grab-n-Go breakfast program.  Students who arrive late for school can go to the cafeteria and pick up a nutritious breakfast that they take with them as they go to class.  This ensures that students do not miss breakfast because of tardiness.  Students who participate in first hour athletics also often skip breakfast.  These students will now be able to pick up breakfast between first and second hour at the high school or middle school.  When students eat a healthy breakfast and lunch, they are better prepared to meet the physical and cognitive demands of their school day.

The District received grant funding to provide elementary students with fresh fruits and vegetables for snack.  Students had the opportunity this year to participate in taste tests and nutrition contests all designed to educate students and promote healthy habits.